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THIS WEEK'S NEWSLETTER Seven Ways to Get Control of the Sale in a Demanding Market
by Dave Stein

Buyers are grappling for control—total control. The indicators are everywhere: reverse auctions, tougher purchasing agents, consultants getting paid big bucks to shield salespeople from potential customers, more demands placed upon salespeople, thicker RFPs, pricing up front, more tightly scripted presentations and demonstrations, and less information available to the sellers.

If you take a moment to think back to the deals you’ve won and those you’ve lost, I’m certain you’ll agree that your chances of winning a deal where you had no influence on the circumstances were less than even. If there are five contenders for a deal you have less than a 20% chance of winning. Since one or more of your competitors probably has some control or influence over that company’s buying process, you are in a highly disadvantageous position.

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Top Dog of the Week:
Mark Hunter

Tom Reilly"When products are similar or the same, and the suppliers' services rival each other, the only thing left to differentiate a solution is the salesperson. How much are you worth to the customer?" —Tom Reilly

Tom Reilly is one of the industry's foremost authorities on value-added selling. After becoming top salesman at Mallinckrodt Chemical Works in his first year, he started his own successful chemical company. As president of Tom Reilly Training, he trains thousands of salespeople, managers, and employees each year. Learn more at his website here.

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Break a Few Rules and Build the Career
of Your Dreams

Rules of the HuntThe problem with "conventional wisdom" is that it's not always wise. It's often off target, outdated, or just plain wrong. However, when you practice a little creative rule breaking good things start to happen.

The rules below are explained in Rules of the Hunt and brief case histories and examples are given.

"To say that Rules of the Hunt is one of the most unusual business books I've ever read or reviewed would be an understatement." - Ivana Taylor, Editor, Small Business Trends

  • Steal good ideas
  • Never pay full price.
  • Get off the phone.
  • Avoid meetings with more than three people in attendance.
  • Raise your prices and sell more.
  • Avoid writing memos.
  • Look at business as a form of playing.
  • Don't tell people what to do. (There is a much better way to get what you want.)
  • Turn down invitations to business lunches.
  • Drop in unexpectedly on your competitors.

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