Quote of the Week: "Do one thing every day that scares you." —Eleanor Roosevelt

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THIS WEEK'S NEWSLETTER Laugh All the Way to the Bank
by Michelle Nichols

In the sales world, one of the most common stumbling blocks is price objection. A potential deal may be moving ahead smoothly until numbers enter the conversation, when eager customers suddenly turn and flee. But I’ve found that humor can be an effective tool for moving the sale along at almost every stage of the process. Using humor doesn’t mean going overboard and acting like a goofball. Adding appropriate levity to a situation can increase your likeableness, and help establish that critical connection with customers. As a result, customers will listen more closely, and if trouble erupts, they’re more likely to cut you some slack.

Thankfully for the joke-telling-impaired among us, humor does not mean just delivering one-liners. It includes all sorts of things, including...

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Top Dog of the Week:
Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter"When the salesperson gives once on price, the interaction usually becomes a game where the customer sees how low they can get the salesperson to go on price – and everything else. Profits continue to erode at a rate no one completely comprehends until the damage is done." —Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter, "The Sales Hunter", is a sales expert who speaks to thousands each year on how to increase their sales profitability. Visit his website here.

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Break a Few Rules and Build the Career
of Your Dreams

Rules of the HuntThe problem with "conventional wisdom" is that it's not always wise. It's often off target, outdated, or just plain wrong. However, when you practice a little creative rule breaking good things start to happen.

The rules below are explained in Rules of the Hunt and brief case histories and examples are given.

"To say that Rules of the Hunt is one of the most unusual business books I've ever read or reviewed would be an understatement." - Ivana Taylor, Editor, Small Business Trends

  • Steal good ideas
  • Never pay full price.
  • Get off the phone.
  • Avoid meetings with more than three people in attendance.
  • Raise your prices and sell more.
  • Avoid writing memos.
  • Look at business as a form of playing.
  • Don't tell people what to do. (There is a much better way to get what you want.)
  • Turn down invitations to business lunches.
  • Drop in unexpectedly on your competitors.

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