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"It's like reading the best ideas from 50 sales books all in one book. It's awesome!"
– Michelle Nichols, Savvy
Selling International

"I HIGHLY recommend it for the inspiration AND the skills that one will learn or 're-learn.' It is easy to read, entertaining, and very broad in topic selection."
– Lori Richardson, Score
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"This book is a rare find.."
– Lee B. Salz, President,
Sales Dodo

"One of these top dog secrets can earn you a fortune."
– Jeffrey Gitomer

"From prospecting, to the sales process, to negotiating, to building customer relationships, you'll find great techniques and strategies in bite size portions."
– Paul McCord, Power
Selling Newsletter

"Well written and hard hitting, this book will help salespeople close more sales and avoid pitfalls. It's a great tool."
– Wallace Center,
Account Manager,
Imperial Press Direct

"It's packed with great tips from some of the world's greatest sales trainers, and it is a great resource for your success library."
– Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside

"From picking up the phone for cold calls to complex negotiations with Fortune 500 firms, this book has something for everyone. Top Dog Sales Secrets is a veritable "field guide" for anyone battling in the world of professional selling."
– Mark J. Dougherty,
Director, Financial
Services, Co-Star

"...a powerful compilation of writings from the leading sales experts."
– Keith Rosen, Professional
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"I really love "Top Dog Sales Secrets" and use it daily before starting my calls."
– Barbara Claire Pitcher,
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"For my money, if you are in sales today this is one book you need at your side. The experts are truly expert."
– Reg Nordman,
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Let's face it, selling in a recession isn't rocket science. It's harder. To penetrate space, scientists need master only the laws of mathematics and physics. Simple. So simple, in fact, the basics are taught in high school.

Selling, on the other hand – prospecting, pitching, negotiating, closing and more – demands understanding the dynamics of the human mind and how to positively influence buyers decision-making. To succeed you really have to know what you are doing! That's where Top Dog Sales Secrets comes in.

Major corporations pay
these experts thousands...

Spend a half hour with Top Dog Sales Secrets and you'll understand why major corporations pay thousands for this powerful information. You will learn from renowned experts who have accelerated the careers of countless sales professionals and increased revenues for thousands of companies. Their client lists read like a Who's Who of American business.

Start Making Money with These Secrets:

  • Grab your prospect's interest in 15 seconds or less. Page 47.
  • A simple way to get bigger orders from your customers. Page 163.
  • 12 sure-fire ways to beat the price objection. Page 32.
  • 3 ways to remove buyer's fears and close the deal. Page 25.
  • The secret to making a lot more money when negotiating. Page 224.
  • The very profitable strategy for getting high-quality referrals. Page 14.
  • Tips for selling to the opposite sex. Page 118.
  • Banishing "time bandits" from your day. Page 1.
  • How to read your prospect in 60 seconds or less. Page 247.

The Real Deal

You get practical advice. Entertaining and fast-paced, Top Dog Sales Secrets gives you over 80 quick and on-target sales-boosting lessons. If you're serious about making more money, Top Dog Sales Secrets is for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Get your copy today. You'll be glad you did!

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