Tips, Rips, and Reviews
By Michael Dalton Johnson

Well-educated, literary types cringe when they read cliché-ridden advertising copy. However, clichés sell. Terms such as, "We will not be undersold," "Limited time offer," "Don’t miss this deal," "Free gift" (the fact that all gifts are free, doesn’t stop the copywriter), "We’ll beat any offer," "Nobody beats our prices," and "Only a few left in stock at this price" are like fingernails being drawn across a blackboard for English professors. Be that as it may. If the advertising contained less effusive and better written copy, it would not work as well.

Clichés sell. If they didn’t, they would not be so widely used.

There are words I can't stand. Spouse is one of them. You wouldn't introduce your husband or wife by saying, "and this is my spouse." ( Or at least I hope you wouldn't.) Spouse does not indicate a gender so it's acceptable if indicating both sexes as in "The company party will be held next Friday. Spouses are invited." Spouse would also be handy if you needed a word that rhymed with mouse or louse.

According to the marketing copy on their website, Grammarly is "The World's Most Accurate Online Grammar Checker will help you eliminate grammar errors, detect plagiarism, and easily improve any text."

I use it because it works a lot better than their marketing copy would suggest and it's free at

During its lifetime a microwave uses more energy running the digital clock than it does heating food or popping popcorn.

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Four Time Traps that Kill Sales
By Tom Hopkins

Managing time really means, we manage ourselves. That includes avoiding the time traps that plague salespeople. Sadly, many of us are keeping ourselves from achieving the success of our dreams because these four time traps kill sales.

Disorganization – How much valuable selling time has been lost or compromised because we’re looking for information, our keys, or an address? Have you ever been flustered at the beginning of a meeting with a prospective client because you lost track of time? How about forgetting their suite number and having to backtrack to the directory to find their office in a large complex? These are all things that we can and should control if we want to be successful. By being organized and giving attention to the details of every aspect of our business life will allow us to have more and better quality interactions with potential clients.

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