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By Michael Dalton Johnson

There is a lot of unwarranted fear about marketing via broadcast e-mail. Any company has the unfettered right to send e-mail to anyone it wants as long as it follows the rules governing this activity.

I once recommended broadcast e-mail to a small specialty software company that was introducing a new product. The company had recently purchased a database of 50,000 prospects for use by its telemarketers. I discovered that the database also included e-mail addresses.

I suggested that we test a few thousand names with the company’s standard offer of a free 30-day demo version.

I was presenting this idea to the marketing group when the marketing manager became visibly agitated. Finally she blurted, "This is a bad idea! Unsolicited broadcast e-mailing is a form of corporate vandalism, and I don’t think we can afford to get a bad reputation with our customers."

She went on to say she that was convinced it wouldn’t work but could offer no facts to back up her opinion. Despite her passionate protests, management decided to do a test e-mail to 5,000 names.

Three days after the e-mail went out, I got a call from the company’s president. The firm had generated 43 orders and 2 complaints.

It e-mailed the rest of the database the following week. Ultimately, it sold millions of dollars’ worth of products via broadcast e-mail.

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5 Things Salespeople Should Never Do
By Jill Konrath

When Forbes magazine interviewed me about what salespeople should never do, the five "no-nos" below immediately popped into my mind.

Here's what I shared with the writer from Forbes magazine:

NEVER allow failure to enter your vocabulary. Redefine everything as a "learning experience" and then focus on figuring out how to get different results.

NEVER talk politics with a prospect or customer -- unless you are 100% sure you're totally aligned. And, even then it might not be smart because other members of the decision team may have different feelings.

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