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Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up

Tips, Rips, and Reviews
by Michael Dalton Johnson

Beware of energy draining people.

While the melodramatic term "energy vampire" smacks of the occult and late night movies, there really are people who suck positive energy from a room as soon as they enter it. You will become drained and exhausted if you are exposed for any length of time to the negative energy these people throw.

You have probably had the experience of encountering a person who drained your energy. There is no scientific research on this subject that I am familiar with, but there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence for its existence.

Some years back we employed a part-time independent contractor who started his work at our office mid-mornings. When he entered our small office, you could feel the energy draining. This was mentioned to me by several team members. One of my colleagues likened it to a plug being pulled on a fan.

The contractor seemed to be a normal person although he was unusually quiet and never smiled. I am sure that his negative effect on those around him was unintentional. However, his presence really did cause others to become exhausted and unfocused.

It would normally be easy to simply walk away from an energy-draining person, but in a small office setting itís not always possible. I handled the situation by arranging for him work from home.

The high energy, creativity, and fun were no longer interrupted each morning.

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Top Dog of the Week: Jim Meisenheimer

Jim Meisenheimer"Failure is not an option. As a sales manager, not only do you have to meet all of your own quota's and goals, but you also have to guide, support, encourage, train, motivate and hold accountable your sales team to meet theirs." - Jim Meisenheimer

Jim Meisenheimer takes a no-nonsense approach to sales. He specializes in getting results for his clients and that's why 83.3% of his business last year was repeat business. You can visit his website here.

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Meet our Partners

Jill KonrathJill Konrath

Jill Konrath is a top sale strategist who helps b2b sales pros develop fresh strategies to engage their crazy-busy prospects. Jill authored the classic, Selling to Big Companies and bestselling SNAP Selling. You can visit her website here.

Brian TracyBrian Tracy

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training of individuals and organizations. Brian's goal is to help you achieve your business goals faster than you ever imagined. You can visit his website here.

Tom HopkinsTom Hopkins

A legend in the sales training industry, Tom Hopkins began his career at 19 selling real estate. He was anything but successful, that is until he invested in training. He became a millionaire by the age of 27. He has been turning salespeople into sales champions since 1976. You can visit his website here.

Jeffrey GitomerJeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is the founder of Business Marketing Services, a consulting and training firm. As a trainer and writer, Gitomer is emerging as a leading authority in the field of sales. He works with clients to improve their sales strategies and sales performance. You can visit his website here.

Art SobczakArt Sobczak

Since 1983, Art Sobczak and Business By Phone Inc. have helped hundreds of thousands of professionals say the right things by phone to get more of what they want. He customizes and delivers onsite programs for companies and associations. You can visit his website here.

Wendy WeissWendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss helps salespeople prospect fearlessly and schedule more appointments with qualified decision-makers. An author, speaker, sales trainer, and sales coach, Wendy is recognized as one of the leading authorities on lead generation, cold calling and new business development. You can visit her website here.

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Break a Few Rules and Build the Career
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Rules of the HuntThe problem with "conventional wisdom" is that it's not always wise. It's often off target, outdated, or just plain wrong. However, when you practice a little creative rule breaking good things start to happen.

The rules below are explained in Rules of the Hunt and brief case histories and examples are given.

"To say that Rules of the Hunt is one of the most unusual business books I've ever read or reviewed would be an understatement." - Ivana Taylor, Editor, Small Business Trends

• Steal good ideas

• Never pay full price.

• Get off the phone.

• Avoid meetings with more than three people in attendance.

• Raise your prices and sell more.

• Avoid writing memos.

• Look at business as a form of playing.

• Don't tell people what to do. (There is a much better way to get what you want.)

• Turn down invitations to business lunches.

• Drop in unexpectedly on your competitors.

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