Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't 'Be Honest' and Make More Sales

Sales trainer Al Uszynski explains how an overused phrase can actually hurt your sales.

"To be honest with you ..."

Why do people feel the need to announce their honesty? Does this mean that they're lying otherwise? Generally, people use this phrase to set up a statement that might be inconsistent with the goals they are trying to achieve, for example, "To be honest with you, our competitor's system is somewhat faster."

The alternative is to omit the "be honest" phrase altogether and get to the point. If you feel compelled to announce that you are being upfront, Al suggests replacing the phrase with one word - candidly. It's simple and it focuses more on spontaneity than honesty. As Al so rightly says, "It goes without saying that we should always be honest - and when we are, it's much easier to remember what we've said!"

Al Uszynski is one of 50 top experts featured in Top Dog Sales Secrets. Al has over 17 years' experience as a sales professional. From sales rep to national sales manager, he has sold for small companies and big companies alike. Today he provides customized training programs for clients like Bloomberg, Philadelphia Weekly and Hunter Douglas. You can reach Al by visiting his website or by calling him at 877-49-SALES.
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