Monday, August 27, 2007

Get Naked to Boost Sales

Is walking into a sales meeting "naked" the dress-for-success fashion statement of the future? "Absolutely," says Jill Konrath, one of 50 sales experts featured in Top Dog Sales Secrets.

"Salespeople frequently rely heavily on brochures, samples and PowerPoints," Konrath says. "They hide inside those tools as if they were suits of armor. Leave them behind," she advises. "By walking into a sales call stark raving naked, in a manner of speaking, they focus on the prospect's business and engage in a real discussion with the customer instead of a pitch meeting. The result is almost always increased sales."

Konrath's "naked-selling" technique is just one of the 80 sales lessons in Top Dog Sales Secrets, authored by 50 renowned sales leaders, consultants and high-powered corporate trainers. Click here to buy it now.
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