Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Sales Mistake of Biblical Proportions

"Samson killed a thousand men with the jaw bone of an ass. That many sales are killed every day with the same weapon." - Unknown

Take a minute to think about what you're missing by jumping into your sales pitch before listening to your customer. Sales guru Ari Galper has done just that.

As Ari states in Top Dog Sales Secrets, "Most of us work hard to distance ourselves from the negative image of a high-pressure salesperson. By launching into a discussion about our product before we've established integrity and trust, we create pressure, which inevitably causes prospective clients to retreat." Ari offers a solution to this common problem, saying "Instead of relying on your product knowledge to spark prospect interest, try creating a conversation focused solely on discovering if prospective clients have a problem they want solved, and if they'll consider allowing you to solve it."

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