Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pokemon Mom Sells Big With Story

A mother of six sold a pack of Pokemon cards for $142.51 - that's one pack - and it was opened to boot. How did she do it? By involving prospects in her story of how she came to own the cards. Her eBay post received 14,000 hits and had over 800 people watching it. People were so sold on her, and her story, that they dramatically overbid the item and she received three job offers.

What's the sales lesson here?

Compelling stories sell. "People are conditioned to resist a sales pitch, but no one can resist a god story," says presentation guru Patricia Fripp in Top Dog Sales Secrets. "Give your stories interesting characters and dialogue, plus a dramatic lesson your prospects can relate to. Don't say 'Certain companies have used our software.' Don't even say, 'IBM has used our software.' Instead, say 'Joe Smith at IBM told me, 'If we don't increase sales turnover by 20%, we won't make our projections.'"

Here's the Pokemon Mom's listing. We hope it inspires you to use stories to sell.
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Blogger JungleJim47 said...

I've made storytelling central to my sales plans throughout my successful career, but only when the stories are relevant to the prospect and in context to the situation. That's where homework comes in. Research your prospect.

PS:You probably should have copied the Pokemon Mom's listing since eBay removes these listing after 90 days.

June 17, 2009 7:53 PM  

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