Thursday, October 4, 2007

Magic Sales Words

With a wave of his wand, a magician chants "abracadabra" to cast his spell. What special words do you use in selling to open doors and close deals?

Renee Walkup of SalesPEAK has three favorite words. Here's the first: "Oh."

This versatile word can be a catch-all to assist you when:

--You have a difficult question from your customer
--You're shocked by what you've just heard
--Your customer has just shared valuable information about your competitor
--You're stumped

As an example, you are in the middle of your product presentation when your customer interrupts saying, "No need to go any further--I've heard this before."

Now it's your turn to say, "Oh?"

The customer will elaborate where he's heard the presentation (from an ad, your competitor, a website,etc.) and you'll have information you can use to advance the sale.

Remember, you have not argued with your customer, nor agreed with him, explains Walkup. You are simply inquiring in a professional, non-threatening way that you simply want more information.

Oh, go ahead and try using "Oh?" And, let us know what sales magic you create.

Renee Walkup is president of SalesPEAK Inc. and author of "Selling to Anyone Over the Phone."
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