Friday, November 2, 2007

Are you getting the brochure brush-off?

You finally have Mr. Big on the line. The conversation seems to be going well. He's even asked you to send him some literature. Wow, he must be interested. Hardly! In reality, you've just been given the brochure brush-off.

This particular evasive tactic has a number of variations: email me some more information, send me a proposal, and put that in writing. How do you know it's really a put-off? Well, just think about where you are with all the other prospects who've told you to send them a brochure. No doubt, you're still chasing them.

Here's how Mr. Inside Sales, Mike Brooks, advises you take control of the situation:

Put-off #1: "Go ahead and send me your information."

Your response:

"I'd be happy to, and if you like what you see would you be ready to place an order?"

"Before I do, I want to make sure you'd be ready to act on it if you like it. Let me ask you... (qualifying questions on budget, decision-making process, etc.)"

"Sure, and after you review it, how soon are you going to make a decision on it?"

"And what would you need to see to say yes to it?"

Put-off #2: "Put that quote in writing and send it to me."

Your response:

"I'd be happy to, and from what we've just discussed, does it sound like you'd go with it?"

"Absolutely. How does this compare with other quotes you've received so far?"

"Great. Based on the quote/price I just gave you, does this sound like it fits within your budget?"

"Be happy to, and after you get it, what happens next?"

Like anything in sales, practice makes perfect. Practice these responses, then put them to work for you. You'll be glad you did!

Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales, specializes in helping sales reps avoid rejection and make more money. Check out his free ezine at
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