Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dictate your sales conversation

Questions are critical keys to unlocking the information you need to gather in the sales process. Sales trainer and speaker John Costigan has a helpful acronym to prompt you in asking key questions that will dictate your sales conversation.

D.I.C.T.A.T.E. stands for:

D (Details) "Interesting, can you tell me more about that?"

I (Interval) "How long has this problem been going on for you?"

C (Cost) "How much has this cost you? I mean personally?"

T (Try & Fix) "What steps have you taken to try and fix this problem?"

A (in-Action) "Do you mind if I ask you what happens if you don't fix this?"

T (Talk less) Follow the 80/20 Rule.

E (Emotions) "What kind of aggravation has this caused you and your people?"

Remember this handy tip when talking with clients, and you'll find you're better equipped to help your customers, and make more sales!

John Costigan is a sales trainer and speaker. He combines reality, education, humor, and energy to create a unique training environment that allows people to see immediate results. Learn more by visiting John's website at
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