Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fill the pipeline with real prospects - not information seekers

Here's a helpful quick tip from Chris Lytle, CSP:

Here's the scenario: The meeting ends. The person across the desk tells you, "I'm interested. Call me next Thursday and we can discuss this further."

Many salespeople dutifully note on their calendars to follow up next Thursday. However, top producers know that a real prospect will be willing to schedule the next step. An information seeker will gladly let you take the initiative for chasing him down.

Find out early in the relationship whether you're dealing with a real prospect or an information seeker with the following words: "Since you're interested, I want to ask you to work with me on a calendar basis. That way I'm not chasing you and we're not playing phone tag. Let's get this follow-up call on both of our calendars."

The people who are willing to engage with you - to put you on their calendars - have passed the acid test. They're your real prospects.

"Let's work on a calendar basis." Make this your mantra and you're going to close more sales.

Chris Lytle, CSP, time releases immediately applicable sales advice via the MAX-ATM Automatic Training Machine website. Check it out at
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