Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Welcome to "Dig It!"

I have to tell you, I was more than a bit nervous when given the assignment of creating and writing the new SalesDog.com blog. Technology and I are not usually a very good mix. I guess I am an old-fashioned salesperson type at heart. I prefer to stick to e-mail, web searches and Microsoft Office. What the heck is a blog?

I soon learned I had nothing to sweat. After a little research (thank goodness for my old friend Mr. Google!) blogging was completely demystified for me. I'm now confident you will get a lively mix of sales tips, advice, intelligence and news you can use right here.

Here's the deal: Two or three times a week you'll get "quick reads" along with my recommendations on books, seminars, interviews and articles. If you're familiar with SalesDog.com you know that I work with dozens of America's top sales trainers and professionals. These guys and girls know what they are talking about. You will too.

Speaking of invaluable intelligence, allow me a shameless plug for our new book, Top Dog Sales Secrets. It's packed with the best advice from 50 of our top experts. Whether you need the perfect cold-calling script, or cool ways to overcome stalls and beat the price objection, this book is for you. If you're serious about sales, I highly recommend you get a copy. To learn more, go to http://www.salesdog.com/.

I'd love to hear from you. Post your comments about Dig It and SalesDog.com by clicking on the comments link below. Send me your sales questions as well and I'll get an answer for you from one of our sales experts. Thanks!

Until next time, dig it!


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