Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Do Your Research

Cold calling is difficult enough - but failing to do the proper research can really make it tough. Take a look at these examples from cold calling expert Ari Galper and notice the difference a little research makes.

Cold Caller: "Hello my name is Maggie and I am with XYZ Company. We are offering a wide array of services that we think will help your business..."

And they would say:

Prospective Client: "Umm...I don't think so...thanks anyway."

Or simply hang up...but if you do a bit of research wonderful things can happen...take a look:

Cold Caller: "Hello my name is Maggie and I am calling from XYZ Company. I took a look at your company featured last month in Fortune 500 Magazine and I think that our services can help...I have Monday next week free if you have about 10-15 minutes to meet and discuss it. How would 4:00pm sound?"

Then they would say...

Prospective Client: "Yeah...I think that might be OK. Let me check my schedule."

"This approach opens doors for you to build a strong relationship with them in the future," says Galper. "If you are behind your product or services then come across like you are. Be a little more risky and go the extra mile to get the relationship started because if you can't get in the open dialogue then they will never see your wonderful product!"

Ari Galper is the creator of Unlock The Game, a new sales mindset that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today. Contact him at www.unlockthegame.com.
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