Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't React - Respond!

For the past week sales expert Keith Rosen has been discussing the "Top 10 Most Common Mistakes in Selling" on his blog. Number four on the list is about reacting to your clients rather than responding.

This common mistake pops up when your customer says something like "Your price is too high." At this point, "salespeople often switch into a defensive mode, thinking about a past experience with a similar customer, and react accordingly," says Rosen. "Remember that re-action is any action you have taken before. So, if you are continually reacting from the 'same place' you are going to continue to generate the same result."

"'Your price is too high' is not a question you need to defend," explains Rosen. "Instead of answering it, respond with a question such as, 'Before you ask me why my price is high, why do you feel the other price you got is lower?'"

Switch your thinking from a "react" mindset to a "respond" mindset and you'll see the difference in your relationships with your customers, and your sales.

Keith Rosen, The Executive Sales Coach, is one of the foremost authorities on how to assist people achieve positive, measurable change in their attitude and in their behavior. He is a well known and engaging author, speaker, and coach. Learn more by visiting Keith's website at
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