Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Are You Stuck on the Spin Cycle of Selling?

The following advice is from a post I read in Kim Duke's blog. Otherwise known as "The Sales Diva," Kim shows women how to increase sales in a fun, sassy way that I really enjoy. It's a sales lesson and a chat with your favorite girlfriend all at once. And guys - the lessons are applicable to you too!

So many people in sales are "information dumpers" when they meet a client. What do they information dump about? All the BORING features and benefits of what is marvelous about their product or service. Yawn.

Instead, as a customer I am interested in someone who is a PAIN-REDUCER. For instance, I was recently buying new appliances for my home. The first 3 places I looked, I had salespeople who didn't ask me ONE QUESTION about what was the most important thing I was looking for. Instead they babbled on for 10 minutes (as I was looking around frantically for an oxygen tank to give them) about all the wonderful features of this and this and this. (hellllo spin cycle!)

They lost me. I wasn't even thinking about the appliance and all its "pleasurable" features any longer. I was looking for the next exit.

So who sold me the fancy schmancy appliances? A guy who did a wonderful job of asking me questions that weren't pushy. For example, he asked me if I liked to cook (I LOVE it), he asked me if I hated doing laundry (are there people out there who actually like it??) and he also asked me how important it was for me to have environmentally friendly appliances. (Al Gore is my hero).

And based upon my responses he did something you're probably not doing. He made a RECOMMENDATION.

He recommended I have:
  • Dual ovens so I wouldn't be serving food on cold plates to my guests.
  • A convection oven so I can quit wasting 25% of my time WAITING for meals to be ready
  • A washing machine and dryer on stands which also use a teaspoon of soap so I am not harming the environment or always shopping for laundry soap
  • And sooo much more
And he also made a very big sale.

So what are you doing still flopping on spin cycle?

I know. I know. You were taught by someone that being a good salesperson is being a smooth talker. Ditch that thought. Instead - FOCUS on all the PAINFUL PROBLEMS you've learned from your client and cater to that instead. I don't care about all your features and benefits. They just go down the drain. I want to know HOW you'll solve my problem better than anyone else.

Answer that and you're out of the spin cycle!

Kim Duke is an unconventional, sassy and savvy sales expert who shows women small biz owners and entrepreneurs sizzling sales tips on how to increase sales in a fun, easy, stress-free way! Learn more and sign up for her free e-zine at
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