Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Take Out the Trash

One of our experts, Kelley Robertson, recently wrote about the problem of "head trash," something I know I've been guilty of from time to time. According to Robertson, head trash is "a collection of limiting thoughts or ideas that prevent you from taking specific action that will help you generate better results."

If you aren't getting the results you want, I'll bet you've got some "head trash" to toss.

Here are a few examples from Robertson. See if any of these sound familiar.

"In a sales training workshop I conducted for a specialty retailer, several people stated that they didn't bother trying to close any business before 11:00am because they "knew" that everyone who came into their store before that time was just comparing their price with another store located close by."

"A salesperson in a manufacturing company told me that her customers would not pay full price for her service because a major competitor sold a similar product for less money."

These are just two examples of "head trash." To achieve the results you deserve, it is essential that you dump your head trash," says Robertson. "Replace this garbage with possibility thinking. With thoughts of what you CAN do. With positive outcomes. Take out the trash and improve your results."

Kelley Robertson is the President and founder of Robertson Training Group. He specializes in helping businesses increase their sales, develop better negotiating skills, coach and motivate their employees, create powerful work teams and deliver outstanding customer service. Learn more by visiting
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