Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Sales Epiphany defines an epiphany as "a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple or commonplace occurrence or experience."

Sales coach Cheryl Clausen believes that an epiphany is key to the sales process. "When you're capable of stimulating an epiphany in a prospect you're assured of completing the sale now rather than at some point in the distant future," says Clausen.

She explains, "Have you ever had a sales conversation where the prospect agreed with you throughout the conversation, agreed your solution would be helpful, yet when it came time to make the purchase decision they just couldn't bring themselves to make that decision? Of course! The reason the prospect just can't move forward is because your solution isn't an immediate need from their perspective. It's something that might be nice to have, but not absolutely necessary to have right now."

So, how do you bring about an epiphany? "You do it by helping the prospect to realize the significance of not having your solution beyond the obvious," says Clausen. "As an example, you have a solution that increases what their systems do, and what they'd like those systems do. As the expert you might ask, "When your customers get angry with you because, in your own words, you've dropped the ball, does that ever lead to some form of compensation on your part to provide damage control?'"

"A well-timed question like that can help the decision-maker to look at your situation from an entirely different angle," says Clausen. "Instead of viewing your solution as an expense that doesn't need to happen right now, you can help the decision-maker to perceive your solution as an investment that will stop the financial bleeding immediately."

Cheryl Clausen, the Increase Sales Coach, works with clients in all areas of sales and marketing - to increase your sales. Learn more and discover the "7 Secrets Top Producers Know That You Can Put to Use in the Next 9 Days" at
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