Thursday, April 17, 2008

When You're Asked to Send a Proposal

Often, when you're going after that really big sale, you're asked to send a proposal. But how many times have you sent the proposal, only to never hear from the prospect again, or to have them say it wasn't what they were looking for?

"The danger of sending a proposal - or any literature for that matter - is that the best, most pertinent information might not be absorbed by the prospect," says sales trainer Al Uszynski.

Rather than sending the proposal and crossing your fingers, Uszynski suggests you take steps to ensure you can go over the proposal with the prospect once he receives it - thus ensuring the key points are absorbed and understood.

  • Try to deliver the proposal to the customer in person so that you may review - in detail - the key points and show flexibility to adapt to the customer's needs when necessary.
  • If an in-person meeting isn't feasible, send the proposal via 2-Day Air and schedule a phone appointment to review with the customer. Make sure your proposal pages are numbered for easy collaboration.
Al Uszynski is a results-focused sales trainer and professional speaker. His proven, quick-start sales training program, "15 Ways to Grow Your Sales Tomorrow," helps sales professionals ignite immediate sales growth. learn more by visiting
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