Friday, June 6, 2008

Why Should I Buy From You?

Last week we gave you one strategy to try when a prospect asks early on in the sales process, "Why should I buy from you?" Today sales trainer Colleen Stanley is back with another idea to help you understand, assess, and respond to this question.

Stanley suggests you "respond with a compelling '30 second commercial.' An age old saying in sales says, 'No one cares about what you do, they only care about problems you solve.' Most people talk in 'do' language, such as 'We do financial planning,' 'We do heating and air conditioning,' or 'We do lending.' A good '30 second commercial' talks about problems you solve."

Companies who buy from us are tired of turnover on the sales team, not sure how to sell value versus price, or are experiencing long buy cycles affecting cash flow.

"A well-crafted '30 second commercial' reminds the prospect of their pain or missed opportunities," says Stanley. "If the prospect isn't experiencing pain or desiring gain, it's going to be a short sales meeting...and that's okay. Keep your sales pipeline pure by filling it only with prospects who want to improve or need to solve an issue."

Colleen Stanley is president of SalesLeadership, Inc., a business development consulting firm specializing in sales and sales management training. The company provides programs in prospecting, referral strategies, consultative sales training, sales management training, and hiring/selection. Learn more at
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