Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eliminating Buyer's Remorse

It's every salesperson's worst nightmare: you've done the presentation, they've said yes, and now you're drawing up the final papers and planning what you'll do with the commission. The phone rings and it's your customers, saying, "I've changed my mind."

So what can you do to avoid this panic-inducing scenario? "Make it easy for your prospect to say yes by 'creating the future,'" says sales trainer Jim Klein.

To do this, "paint a picture of some future date after they have been using your product or service," says Klein. "Explain this picture in detail using lots of adjectives, and explain how the benefits of owning your product or service will change their lives. It's basically a review of the benefits using their emotions to insure them they are doing the right thing."

"I know buyer's remorse has happened to me many times in my life," says Klein. "However, as I began talking to other people about my decision, more times than not, I would get confirmation from others that I had made the right decision. You see, that's really what anyone is looking for; confirmation from someone other than themselves that they made the right decision."

Another way to ensure your client doesn't experience buyer's remorse is to create a future relationship with them. "Let them know you're not just going to make the sale and forget about them, or pass them on to another department in your company," says Klein. "A phone call the day after the sale is a great way to let them know how much you care, and will show them you mean what you say."

"Make the transition to the next step in their purchase a smooth one for them. If there will be a delivery of a product, take the time to be there on the delivery date. At the very least, make a phone call to the prospect to make sure everything went according to plan, and that they are satisfied."

Take time to make sure your clients are comfortable with their buying decision, and you won't run into any trouble down the line.

Jim Klein is the president of From the Heart Sales Training, a company that wants to make all sales "from the heart," rather than "from the hip." Learn more and sign up for his Sales Advisor Newsletter at www.fromtheheartsalestraining.com

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