Friday, August 29, 2008

"May or May Not"

Here's a great tip from sales trainer and referral expert Bob Burg that you can use when attempting to set a presentation with a new prospect. Try out the phrase "may or may not."

"Ms. Prospect, I have an idea in which you 'may or may not' be interested."

Why is this phrase so effective? Because you have just positioned yourself to your prospect as being both honest and non-pressure (both of which, of course, are true).

"After all, a salesperson can't get much more honest than to tell their prospect that they have something that 'may not' be of interest," says Burg. "And, with that statement, the prospect can't possibly feel any pressure. This is an example of the "out" or "backdoor." The bigger the backdoor you give someone the option to take, the less they feel the need to take it."

Bob Burg is the author of "Endless Referrals," "Winning Without Intimidation," "The Success Formula," and co-author of "The Go-Giver." Learn more at his website,

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