Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cold Calling Bloopers: How a Quick-Witted Seller Saved the Day

I love this story from Jill Konrath's Selling to Big Companies blog:

"Cold calling is tough," says Konrath. "We all struggle with it. That's why I laughed today when I talked with Sara, who works for a New York-based PR firm. She'd just seen my new video clips where I'm speaking about the challenges of connecting with corporate decision makers. Sara understood exactly what I was talking about!"

That's when she told me her story:

I was calling a major media outlet to "pitch" one of our clients. Of course, I got voice mail. About half way through my message, my mind went totally blank. So I hung up.

As soon as my memory returned, I recalled the client and picked up exactly where I left off ...

"Hi. This is Sara calling again. We must have gotten disconnected. As I was saying..."

Now that's quick thinking!

For more great tips, stories, and articles visit Jill Konrath's blog at http://www.sellingtobigcompanies.blogs.com/

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