Thursday, September 4, 2008

Defeating SADD in America - Step 3

Today we'll look at another way you can help prevent Sales Attention Deficit Disorder (SADD) in America. We previously discussed turning off your Blackberry and loving the one you're with. Today we'll look at another tip from sales trainer Colleen Stanley - listen, record and respond.

3. Listen, record and respond.

Harvey Mackay, author of "Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive," and president of the Mackay Envelope Company, is a master at listening, recording and responding. Mackay knows that envelops are a commodity product; one that can easily fall prey to the price shopping game. He decided early on that he would not compete on price but he would compete on paying attention and knowing more about his clients than any of his competitors.

All of Mackay's salespeople are required to complete a questionnaire on each one of their customers. "The Mackay 66" customer profile asks 66 questions ranging from personal to business. With this data, the Mackay salesperson is equipped to make their customers feel important by remembering special anniversaries, asking specific questions about their children, or sending articles of interest on a hobby or passion.

Get rid of SADD. Turn off your electronics, be present, and be professional. Paying attention is a great selling skill.

Colleen Stanley is president of SalesLeadership Inc., a business development consulting firm specializing in sales and sales management training. The company provides programs in prospecting, referral strategies, consultative sales training, sales management training, and hiring/selection. Learn more at

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