Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Business is Booming

With all the negativity in the media, it's easy to let yourself get down - and that negativity can be picked up by your clients. That's why it's so important to keep an upbeat attitude, and this article from sales trainer Billy Cox is a big help with that.

"When people ask how your business is doing, you should always say, "Business is booming...It's great!," says Cox. "Remember that business only goes where it's invited and only stays where it is welcomed. If you have a negative attitude, your customers will spend their money elsewhere."

"Your words are like seeds that have creative power. They will produce exactly what you say, so every day you need to make positive declarations. Instead of saying, "Woe is me," you need to say, "I'm prosperous, I'm talented, I'm creative, I'm wise, everyone loves me, everyone is buying from me, good things will come my way and Business is booming...It's great!" Those words will get down deep inside and change your outlook and results."

"The late Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." In challenging times, when the media is hyping the negative, your attitude precisely determines business results. Whatever you believe is true you will make happen. If you believe business is good, you will have more confidence, work harder, and have the courage to overcome any fears that are generated by negative media."

"This is the attitude of all highly successful people," says Cox. "They don't care about the nightly news, the economy, or the weather because successful people don't follow the crowd. They understand that when the crowd is going one way they will capitalize on opportunities where others believe none exist."

"We are in the middle of the richest economy in the United States' history. There has never been more money out there and plenty of people are making lots of it. The top leaders say everyday that "Business is booming...It's great!" It is what it is because they make it great."

Learn more from Billy Cox at You can also reach him at [email protected]

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