Friday, January 16, 2009

The Do's and Don'ts of Sales

This article from business growth expert Diane Helbig is a great reminder of the basics we should all pay attention to in sales. Even if you're a seasoned professional with years of experience, it can never hurt to get a refresher. Think about these do's and don'ts over the weekend - and go back to basics if you need to!

Here are Helbig's Do's and Don'ts for salespeople:


--Act like the person you are cold calling should know you
--Use email to cold call
--Try to pressure the prospect into buying
--Offer bribes to close a sale
--Offer objections you think you'll quash
--Promise what you can't deliver
--Fail to follow up

"Sounds simple, doesn't it? Yet day after day people are assaulted with these anti-sales behaviors," says Helbig. "They don't promote relationships or instill confidence and trust. Quite the opposite. They cause suspicion and distance."


--Plan and execute with a positive outlook
--Target Market
--Nurture Relationships
--Build a referral network
--Follow up
--Be honest, giving and a partner
--Offer what your prospect needs - not what you want to sell them

"The Do's may actually seem more complicated than the Don'ts," says Helbig. "Or maybe they seem harder. In reality, they make the sales process easier. When you set your mind to what you want to accomplish, you can then set up the plan for making it happen. The Do's help you create that plan. Take a look at the list. Plan and execute is number one for a reason! The remainder of the list shows you the foundation to build your plan upon."

"Think about your behavior in the past year," continues Helbig. "Now think about the behaviors of others. Can you remember times when 'salespeople' used the Don't list? Did you use any of the items on the Don't list? Remember the result? Remember how it felt? Use these lists as a reminder of what TO DO as you create your plan for the coming year."

Diane Helbig is a Professional Coach, and President of Seize This Day Coaching. She works one-on-one and in groups with business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople. Visit her website at


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