Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cold Calling Rules for the 21st Century - Part 3

Telesales expert Wendy Weiss joined us last week with her updated rules for cold calling in the 21st century. Today she's back with her final rule - understanding the goal of your call.

Understand the goal of your call
Many people confuse the idea of cold calling with the idea of closing a sale. Every sale goes through a cycle from the introduction to information gathering to offering a solution to closing. Cold calling is not closing a sale. That comes later. Most sales professionals and/or business owners are making calls to set face-to-face meetings or have some type of introductory conversation. The cold call is not the sale--it is the introduction.

This concept frames your entire approach. On most cold calls you are not asking the prospect to buy from you over the telephone or to agree to let you replace their current vendor. You are only asking to have a productive conversation. This approach has two advantages: Your prospect feels far less pressure (you never want a prospect to feel pressure because they will run) and you also feel less pressure (you don't have to close on the phone.)

Learn more from cold calling expert Wendy Weiss at www.wendyweiss.com or email her at [email protected]

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