Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Rules for Cold Calling - Part 2

Telesales expert Wendy Weiss is back today with a few quick tips to help you update your cold calling skills and earn more money. Keep these in mind when you pick up the phone today.

Use all available tools

While it is more difficult to get prospects on the telephone today, the good news is that there are more tools available to you to reach your prospects directly. While at one time the only way you could contact a prospect was via their office phone (or perhaps a letter) today you can also call the prospect's cell phone and/or send an email.

Always try to reach your prospect directly first. It is always better if you can have a conversation. If after several attempts and, if this is a prospect that you truly want to reach, you can leave a voice mail message or send an email.

Remember: As with your script, the rule for a voice mail or an email is to lead with the value that you provide. That is what will gain your prospect’s attention.

Look for the prospects that are looking for you

Rule 1 was to create your "Qualifying Parameters" so that you could create a targeted list. Keep your "Qualifying Parameters" in mind as you speak with prospects. Remember: You are looking for the best prospects, the ones who are most likely to buy, buy again and keep coming back to buy more. The myth is that cold calling is manipulating prospects into buying things they neither want, nor need. The reality is that you are looking for the prospects that are looking for you. So look to qualify your prospects out. If during your conversation with a prospect, you realize that prospect no longer fits your "Qualifying Parameters" then they are no longer a prospect for you. Let them go.

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