Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to Lose a Customer in Ten Days or Less

There are plenty of ways to lose a customer. Marketing expert Tom Richard is here with his top ways to repel customers and profit. Many of these are easily fixable. If you see yourself in any of these, then work quickly to eradicate them from your selling habits.

Profit Repellant #1: Memorize your company's literature and prepare yourself to regurgitate information about your company, your products, and yourself. While it may seem that having the right answers to every question imaginable may just cause them to want to spend their money with you, it is actually the fastest way to flash freeze any rapport you may have accidentally created.

Profit Repellant #2: Remind your customers of how long your company has been in business, how powerful your local presence is, and how many trucks you have on the road. You may think that customers will find comfort and security knowing this information but, rest assured, offering them this useless information will remind them that you have nothing of substance to talk to them about.

Profit Repellant #3: Be the first person to always bring up the price and take it a step further by offering unsolicited advice on how to save money by cutting out services and options they do not need. Contrary to popular belief, customers are not as price sensitive as you think. Therefore, if you obsess over it, you have a surefire way to reaffirm that you do not feel the price is fair and reasonable.

Profit Repellant #4: Always agree with your customers because the customer is always right. If you disagree with your customer, they may accidentally get the impression that you know what you're talking about, or heaven forbid, that you are actually an expert in your field. By always agreeing with your customer, you are all but guaranteed to lose the customer the moment somebody demonstrates competence and expertise, even at the expense of telling the customer that they're wrong.

Tom Richard is a speaker, writer and trainer who has dedicated his life to spreading the joy that comes from selling and marketing in a natural and enjoyable way. He is a syndicated business columnist who conducts more than 50 seminars each year. Learn more at www.BoltFromBlue.com


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