Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Smiling and Dialing No Longer Works

"There's a myth that selling by phone is a numbers game," Wendy Weiss says. "If you dial the phone enough times, someone is going to say, 'yes.' Perhaps that was true years ago; it is certainly not true today. It is simply too hard to get people on the telephone. When you do get a prospect on the phone, you had better have something compelling to say as you will probably not get a second chance."

Wendy's new e-book, 101 Cold Calling Tips for Building New Customers in a Down Economy, is a must read if you're serious about booking more sales. I've used Wendy's clear-cut advice and no-nonsense approach and it works.

Do you want more sales? I suggest you check out Wendy's new e-book.

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