Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hanging on Through the Challenges

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get through the day, and this piece from speaker and author Josh Hinds is just that!

One thing is for certain, when you go the extra mile there's always someone, somewhere who takes notice. The challenge is that it may appear that know one sees the extra effort you're putting in, and in turn there's a tendency to give up in frustration -- which unfortunately undoes any good will you've built up to that point.

Admittedly, it's not easy to stand your ground and keep on piling on the value -- especially when it seems that there's not a living soul who is taking notice.

If you can distinguish yourself from the people who give up, and stick to it you'll reap the rewards of those who give their best no matter what -- and in turn achieve results which are available only to those who can hang on through the challenge.

Always remember that you've got greatness in you -- and that someone (whether you choose to believe it or not) is always taking notice!

One helpful idea is to track your own daily successes along the way. Doing so will allow you to see first hand that you're making a real difference, and that you're contributing in a big way.

It's perfectly acceptable that until others step in and do so -- that you create your own source of validation. Tracking your daily accomplishments will allow you to do just that.

Josh Hinds is a speaker, trainer, and author on topics such as networking and personal branding. Check out his popular newsletter at

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