Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving On

Today sales trainer Tom Reilly shares some insight about how to move forward - let us know what you think in the comments!

One problem with a long recession is the mindset that develops throughout the downturn. Survival is primary. Companies and their employees do whatever they can to protect what they have and minimize their losses. The constant battering of bad economic news takes its toll on our collective psyche.

People become overly cautious - they hoard, hunker down, and play defense. They seem to forget the fundamental reality of competition. More points are scored while playing offense than while playing defense. Consequently, when things turn, some people and companies are slower than others to participate in the recovery.

The economic news these days is much better. Companies are spending. Earnings are improving. Even jobs are returning to many sectors. Granted, a few industries are lagging - they always do. Overall, things are getting better, so it's time to participate.

Here's a thought for the week: Let your sales focus this week be on thriving in this recovery. If you're working, you survived - you held on. Now, turn your attention to gaining ground. It's time to focus on growth. I talk to many salespeople that are exploiting these opportunities. You can, too. Take this spirit of optimism to your customers and infect them with your enthusiasm. Let's put this recession behind us and get on with the business of selling.

Tom Reilly is the president of Tom Reilly Training. He is an authority on value-added selling, and speaks to thousands of salespeople and managers annually on increasing their value to their company and customers.


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