Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Power of Asking

Sales trainer Kelley Robertson always offers up practical, useful advice in his newsletter, and this piece is no exception. Read on to see how simply asking for things can change your sales.

"Being a sales person is not an easy task especially in today's business climate." says Robertson. "However, you can improve your results by learning how to ask. Here are some ideas to get you started."

Ask for help. First and foremost, if you need help it is essential that you ask. Ask the top sales person in your company for ideas, advice and feedback. Ask your boss for coaching or direction. Ask people in your network for insights and suggestions to improve your results.

Ask for the appointment. Too many people beat around the bush and don't ask a new prospect for an appointment. This strategy can result in more meetings which will lead to more sales. Try asking, "Does it make sense for us to meet?"

Ask more high-value questions.
After 15 years of training sales people, I have found that the majority simply don't ask enough high-value questions. High-value questions force your prospect or customer to think and will give you insight to their current situation, problems and desired outcomes. It sounds simple but more people feel uncomfortable asking these types of questions because they think they are too probing and they feel that their prospect will be offended.

As President of The Robertson Training Group, Kelley has helped thousands of professionals improve their business results with his engaging approach to sales training and speaking. Learn more at


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