Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Successful Habits of Professionals

Business expert Andrea Nierenberg recently compiled a great list of habits of professionals - habits that can only give you more success! We'll share them today and tomorrow, let us know if you put one or two into your daily routine.

1. Write a daily list of must do's. Have only one master list that will help you map out your day. You will see where you need to invest your time to maximize your efforts and objectives. Invest first in what you can least afford to lose!

2. Practice total preparation. I always say that one hour of preparation will save you three hours in execution. Always expect the unexpected and be flexible. Project realistically - it always takes longer to complete a task then we often think it will - allow yourself enough reserve time.

3. Picture yourself as a solution source and give extra value. Be the person that others look to as the 'go to' person. Going the extra mile and getting the job done no matter what (reaching out to alliances and people in your network - only makes you more valuable.

4. Live the goals that you create for yourself. Our subconscious mind does not know the difference between the present and the future and will work quicker to manifest these goals if 'it is already happening.' Obstacles will come up - they are just bumps in the road to realizing your goal. They are meant to either strengthen your own commitment or perhaps you need to revisit and take another path.

5. Stay in your 'Strength' zone. Invest in yourself and what you do well and how to get better and delegate the other areas. For me - I know that in order for me to stay focused on what I do best and continually improve 'my game' I delegate the other administrative and operational tasks that I can give to the trusted advisors that work with me.

6. Build and continually build strong relationships. We are always 'selling' ourselves and maintaining our integrity and character. When someone buys that and we develop a strong and powerful trust, it is much easier to talk about the products and services we sell.

7. Invest in your brand. Factor in skill building enhancement. Competition is alive, well and will always be part of the scenario. Keep learning, expanding, reinventing yourself and stretch in unexpected ways and you will find yourself approaching even the most familiar with new and fresh eyes.

Andrea Nierenberg is the president of The Nierenberg Group, a business communications company with a total process for educating, motivating and connecting people. Learn more at


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Blogger Andrea said...

Thank you so much for posting my list.
Love your blog and I learn from it constantly.

Andrea Nierenberg

April 14, 2010 9:00 PM  

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