Thursday, April 1, 2010

What to Do During a Sales Dry Spell

The dry spell...we all go through them, but they can be sales killers - they drain your energy and your spirit. Take this advice from sales trainer Kim Duke and get out of that dry spell as quick as you can!

Years ago I had a goofy boss who looked and acted like Yosemite Sam. Yosemite Sam did however, have a great piece of advice for me when I was going through a nasty sales SLUMP.

Honestly it was a dry spell that was so dry I had sand in my mouth. I wasn't closing any deals and it felt like I was losing contracts far more than I was getting them.

He looked at me with his one eyebrow and said...

"Go out and sell something small. It will build your confidence."

I'm sure I rolled my eyes but I went out and sold something ridiculously small. (I kid you not - I think I sold a non-profit agency some commercials that totaled $300.)
It was easy. Why? Because I thought it was small and therefore I didn't feel pressure.


And I went on to sell something a little bigger. And then a little bigger than that.
And before you know it - I was back in the game!

Are You Stuck In A Sand-Dune?

Maybe you're having a sales slump right now and quite frankly, you're feeling a little depressed about it. You're probably faking it to your customers and everyone else but deep down you feel DREADFUL. You're freaking out in fact.

It's easy to fix. Get out there and sell something small.

Contact one of your old customers who loves you and fill an order. Offer a Blow-Out offer they can't resist and let them know it only happens once per year and it's because they're such great clients.

You'll break the sales DRY SPELL, it will increase your confidence and you'll be off and running and selling BIG DEALS again. Trust me. It works!

Kim Duke is an unconventional, sassy and savvy sales expert who shows women small biz owners and entrepreneurs how to increase sales in a fun, easy, stress-free way! Learn more and sign up for her free e-zine at


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