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Advertising in SalesDog's monthly newsletter is an easy and economical way to reach thousands of sales professionals and decision makers. Here are five reasons you should be advertising with us.

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Green Sales Sheet, our monthly publication is packed with useful information for sales professionals. It's both educational and entertaining. Take advantage of a low introductory rate of $995. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your product or service. It has a 135,000 plus circulation comprised of sales professionals who have purchased products from us or our partners, downloaded training, or signed up to receive our newsletter. Don't miss this opportunity. Take a look here and then contact Kathryn Johnson or Ashley Sonnentag for more information on advertising.

Email advertisers get a 75 word marketing message (including a link to your site), plus a logo.


A look at our database

A look at our opt-in database

Sales Management includes: Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, Sales Manager, Sales Supervisor, Inside Sales Manager
Sales Representative includes: Sales, Account Executive, Sales Associate, Outside Sales, Inside Sales
Owner/CEO includes: CEO, Owner, President, General Manager, Partner, Managing Director, Principle
Other includes: Marketing Manager, Training Director, Consultant


A Small Sampling of Subscribing Companies:

3M   Information   Fidelity Investments
Acxiom   Canon   Gartner
Adecco   CDW   GE
ADP   Cintas   Heartland Payment Systems
Aflac   Clear Channel Communications   IBM
American Express   Double Click   Oracle
AT&T   Eli Lilly and Company   Network Solutions
Cahners Business   Paychex   Paymentech
Pepsi   Pitney Bowes   PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Princess Cruises   QAS Systems   Raycom
Smith Barney   US Army   Xerox

Advertising Options   Ad Size   Rate   3X   6X
Green Sales Sheet   Headline, 75 word blurb, and logo   $995        
Banner Ad (Bottom)   650 pixels width by 90 pixels height   $1,125   $1,062   $1,000
Banner Ad (Top)   650 pixels width by 90 pixels height   $1,406   $1,343   $1,281


Mechanical Specifications for Ad Graphics

Image File Format: JPG, GIF or PNG
File Size: 20 K (20,000 bytes) or less is ideal for static (non-animated) images.
Animated GIF files are acceptable, but file size should be no more than 40 K (40,000 bytes).


Email Services

Reach our highly responsive audience of over 135,000 sales and marketing professionals with your own stand-alone email message at a very competitive rate. $200 CPM

For more information on Custom Email Services contact Kathryn Johnson or Ashley Sonnentag.
Tel: 760-634-6900 (8:30 am - 4:00 pm Pacific Time)


HTML Custom E-mail Specifications

Maximum of 60 lines
20K file size limit
Maximum of 60 characters per line
  NOTE: Link tracking / click throughs are not provided. Advertisers wishing to track links must build tracking into the URLs within their HTML e-mail.
Maximum of 5 linking URLs
600 pixel wide HTML page
  SPECIAL NOTE: All graphics and links must be "absolute links" to your your website / server.

Please email [email protected] the following:

2 or 3 e-mail addresses for sending a test
Date / Time (E-mail will be sent at your specified time and date)
Send the HTML version of the e-mail (zipped or stuffed to prevent file corruption)
Subject line for the email (avoid words that trigger spam filters like FREE and NEW etc.)

Unsubscribe / Removal information will be added by

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Publishing Schedule

SalesDog's Green Sales Sheet is published once a month.
We have email slots available on any day of your choice
Advertising materials are due 5 days prior to publication.


Technical Questions?
Contact Ashley Sonnentag

[email protected] • 760-634-6900
8:30 am - 4:00 pm Pacific Time

To Book Advertising
Contact Kathryn Johnson

[email protected] • 760-634-6900
8:30 am - 4:00 pm Pacific Time