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Art Sobczak developed SMART CALLING training as a sales growth resource to take selling by phone to a new and more effective level.

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  •    Here's How You Will Prospect Successfully Without "Cold" Calling, or Rejection
  •    ...even if you are scared to death of picking up the phone
  •    You will get the process, messaging, and script examples to get through, get in, and SELL to new customers!

Dear Reader,

If you need, want, or must have new sales, I’m going to show you exactly how to get them quickly, and without the fear, failure, and rejection of the "cold" calling that everyone hates.

Even if you feel awkward or are scared to death of calling (and disturbing) someone you don't know. You can now prospect successfully and sound more like an intelligent friend than a telemarketer.

The Cold Part of "Cold" Calling IS Dead...

There is little doubt that "cold" calling is dead. The times caught up with it. Prospects are simply too busy and too sophisticated today to listen to uninvited telephone pitches.

Some say that to get new business today you should use social media marketing. They're right.

Social media offers methods of marketing that are useful. But, if you have tried them you know they can take a lot of management time and in many cases they don't give you the results you wanted.

Get the Balance You Need

It is very important to balance social media with direct person-person communication.

Sales is human to human and the vast majority of B2B sales result from two people talking. That's what you need and that's why it's critical that you understand and use the principles of Smart Calling.

Getting New Business by Phone is Very Much Alive

Calling for new business makes people rich, and it is very much alive and more profitable than ever…

In fact, calling for new business is the fastest, cheapest, and most profitable way to start business conversations that result in sales.

But again, to be successful in today’s crazy busy world where people can (and do) easily ignore you, and hide behind voice mail and screeners, you need to know the secrets of the top sales pros.

Smart Calling Gives You the Keys to Open Doors!

Smart Calling gives you a proven process to get through to your prospects, create instant interest, and talk business...and get the sale.

It works! It really is a common sense principle, and I’m actually shocked that more people haven't developed the skills to use it.

Prospects happily engage with people who can intelligently talk about the prospect, and his needs and unique situation. After all, it’s his or her favorite subject, right?

You'll learn exactly what to say and how and when to say it. You'll find real world examples in all the modules.

  • What to say to tough screeners and gatekeepers to get to decision makers.
  • What to say on voice mail to set yourself apart and create interest so your calls are not ignored.
  • How to grab instant interest in the first 10 seconds with the prospect, getting you into a meaningful sales conversation with them.
  • 24 "what NOT to say" mistakes that kill calls right away.
  • What to say when you hear "I’m not interested" so they’ll stay on the phone with you.
  • Learn different ways to introduce yourself or your product to a prospect before calling.
  • What to send in advance if you want to warm up your calls.
  • And, here’s a big one: How to never feel rejected again.

The Smart Calling Course

The Smart Calling Prospecting Course is comprised of 20 easy to follow how-to audio lessons.

There is an accompanying workbook/reference guide you will download. This workbook contains hundreds of word-for-word examples that you can use "straight out of the box" or adapt to your needs.

Just One Secret Applied Can Earn You a Fortune!
You get 20 fast-moving presentations!

Learning made easy! Real results!

You'll make more money selling -
guaranteed or your money back!

  • What to say and what not to say (One right word can close a sale.)
  • Essential scripts & strategies to accelerate sales performance
  • Use compelling deal making words.
  • Use the most powerful word in the dictionary for making clients happy.
  • Use Email That Works. Hot tips for reaching decision makers via email.
  • Ask the right question. Questions to ask to close the deal.
  • Learn why paying attention to weather patterns can affect your sales calls.
  • Learn when it is the best time to call for the most success.
  • Learn the importance of "ritualizing" your call times to continually beat your numbers.
  • Learn to avoid call clutter.
  • Learn why calling at the end of the year, near the holidays, can increase your sales. (Sounds crazy, but it works.)
  • Learn why calling after hours or on weekends can make sales.

As sales legend, Jeffrey Gitomer has famously said, "Everybody loves to buy but nobody likes to be sold."

The Smart Calling Prospecting Course gives you the solid sales secrets used to seamlessly connect with buyers. There are no hard-sell tactics or hard to follow theory. Think easy.

You'll get sales winning advice that has been "field tested" and proven to engage buyers person-to- person. The big improvements in sales performance using these methods has been verified repeatedly.

  • Help your prospects see you as an expert and authority.
  • Build rapport and respect with prospects.
  • Ask questions that put them in a buying frame of mind.

A Small Investment That Pays Huge Dividends

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10 Year Money Back Guarantee

If at ANY time during your 10-year guarantee, using the Smart Calling Prospecting Course you do not feel it has been worth many times more than what you invested, simply let us know and we will refund all of your money.

It's pretty simple, you risk nothing.

When you consider the enormous value of accelerating your sales will mean to you, you would expect to pay a lot. But for a very limited time, you can supercharge your sales with the Smart Calling Prospecting Course for just $147!

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