Be That Guy
By Michael Weinstein


When I walk in the office, I'm all smiles.

Tons of things are going to happen each day and as a salesman, you better meet them with a positive attitude.

I once read some book that Oprah was touting. It was about the "Law of Attraction," which states that if you put out positive vibes, then positive things will happen to you. It almost claimed that there was some sort of "force" in the universe that controlled this stuff.

Part of me was skeptical.

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster by your side" – HAN SOLO

That being said, there is some truth to the theory that having a positive attitude attracts positive results. For example:

Nobody wants to do business with a depressed person, let alone be around them. My father, Sydney Weinstein, always told me that if someone asked me how business is, I should always answer in a positive tone. His theory was that with a positive tone, I would be looked at as a success. Negativity tells people that you are failing. Who would you rather be around? A winner or a loser?

I NEVER sell anything when I am not in the right frame of mind. 50% of my success is attributed to my knowledge of the sales process, my product, and my prospects. The other half can be attributed to being a happy person. I cannot overestimate the power of a positive attitude when it comes to sales.
With a positive attitude, you have a swagger. It can rarely be faked, and people see it from miles away.

If I am having one of those "Negative Nancy" days, I will cancel my prospecting calls and appointments for the day and do some paperwork in the office. You are allowed to have a couple of these. If you have more of these than you should, maybe you ought to speak with someone about your problems. Don't let your crappy attitude ruin any sales.

Use the word "Next" often. If a prospect turns you down, or someone heckles you on a cold call, move to the next one. There are plenty of other prospects out there and even in failure you should be able to learn some things.

When all else fails, use the Jedi Mind trick. For example, when I pull into a parking lot, I always exclaim that I am going to get the best parking spot, right in the front. Sometimes it works. When it does, I know it is only because of my positive attitude. When it doesn't, I forget about it. It doesn't stop me from believing in it next time.

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Travis Fisher Says:

"He keeps it simple and gets you exactly what you need to know to boost personal income. All the examples are real world lessons he has learned along the way. This is a must read for anyone wanting to succeed in sales."
- Travis Fisher

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"If you are in sales, you can't make a better investment in your future income."
-Craig Gammage, CEO Transport Southwest

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Kristen Joy Says

"As a 10 year sales vet, this book is so relatable on so many levels. The humor in Michael's sales approach reminded me that we are all human and if you laugh at yourself first, clients and prospects are more inclined to relate to you and ultimately BUY!!"
-Kristen Joy

Emerson Jackson Says:

"This book is full of practical every day tactics that can be used to generate more sales revenue. The value of this book is that it takes numerous sales "philosophies" and boils them down into simple to-do items."
-Emerson Jackson