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People who leave the negotiation table with the best deal are the ones who are skilled at reading body language.

A knowledge of body language is one of the least understood and most neglected tools that can be used in closing more deals and in your personal life .

The ability to accurately read and interpret body language is a key element to getting exactly what you want.

What's The Secret?

At least 80 percent of all human communication is nonverbal. Eye movement, posture, arm positioning, hand gestures, facial expressions, voice inflection and other subtle and unintentionally sent messages can be read.

Your ability to read people will pay big dividends in both your professional and personal life.

From the boardroom to the dinner table...

This Skill Has Many Uses!

Beyond sales, there are dozens of situations and settings where understanding body language really pays off.

Examples include:

  • Getting the best deal on major purchases
  • Handling difficult people
  • Dealing with job situations
  • Interviewing or being interviewed
  • And Many More

Watch It Work For You!

You will make more sales by simply identifying just a few simple buying signs and knowing when the time is right to ask for the sale. Reading body language is one of the best-kept secrets of the top selling salespeople. Discover the surprising, yet simple, tricks to pump up your sales!

Speechless: The Unspoken Language of Sales Success is a fascinating eBook which gives you the knowledge you need to read body language in any situation.


Here's What You'll Learn

  • The real meaning of the most misinterpreted gestures and postures
  • The meanings of the most common facial expressions
  • What certain neck movements mean
  • The importance of eye contact
  • What specific hand movements mean
  • What your prospect's leg and feet gestures are saying
  • How to determine if your prospect is hot or cold
  • The four most revealing postures
  • How to handle bored prospects
  • How to deal with impatient buyers
  • How to gain the trust of a defensive prospect
  • How to break through your buyer's doubt
  • The four unmistakeable signs that your prospect is opening up

Do you really understand what you're being told? You will if you learn to understand body language.

  • The signals that a prospect is ready to seal the deal
  • How to use the "coffee cup" test
  • How to detect a lie through body gestures
  • The verbal clues to a lie
  • How to make your first impression count
  • How to project confidence
  • The three V's of communication
  • How to inspire credibility with your movements
  • The importance of eye contact in sales
  • How to sell with your hands
  • How to cultivate a professional tone
  • Physical appearance that speaks louder than words
  • How to use vocal volume to get a prospect's attention
  • How to use your own body language to open up buyers
  • How to create a powerful deal-closing handshake
  • How to use touch to instantly build trust
  • How to interpret the "space bubble"
  • How to respect a prospect's territory

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