Turning Web Traffic Into Sales
By Michael Dalton Johnson


Picture a cattle chute that is large at the entrance and becomes progressively narrower until the cattle being driven have nowhere to go except into the truck or boxcar.

Direct marketing on the Internet is similar. Potential buyers are first attracted to your site by marketing that promises a benefit, arouses curiosity, or perhaps offers something for free. Once there, they are sent to a landing page, and the chute narrows. The landing page sets forth the benefits of ownership and directs them to place their orders.

When they click on the order button, the chute narrows further, but they are not onboard yet. When they have arrived at the order page, it's important that they feel comfortable about ordering. Many buyers are lost at the order page because they don't feel secure about proceeding. It's important to always restate your guarantee and have a security logo displayed on your order page. Once they submit their order, they are onboard.

Recently I wrote an e-mail and designed a landing page for a client to get registrants for his webinar. He put the landing page for the webinar up on his site. When I checked it, I found that there were 17 links that took the visitor away from the webinar page. The only link on that page should have been the one that took them to webinar registration. The 17 links included a complete site navigation bar, offers on other products, and an invitation to sign up for his free newsletter.

I explained to him that all the links would distract buyers from what he wanted them to do and could cut his response significantly. He wasn't a student of buyer behavior, but I finally convinced him to remove the links. The webinar was well attended.

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