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  "This is a great book, full of ideas, examples, stories and rules for increased business success and profitability."
-- Brian Tracy

"This is why I buy books! If I could get this much information and enjoyment out of the other books I read I would be in bliss."
--Robert W Baugher

"Rules of the Hunt gives the keys to the mysteries of business and life success. I highly recommended it." -- Chris Widener

"Excellent read! I Really enjoyed this book and learned a lot from it. I also purchased one for a friend." -- Stephen Cohen

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  "Our Junior Brokers achieved an increase of 51% in new business meetings with prospective clients, resulting in a projected increase in total revenue of $1.1 million." --Peter Hennessy

"Working with you over the past two years has had an enormous impact both on our sales team and on our sales revenue. We couldn't have done it without you...."
--Marlene Vogele

"My new sales were up 23% this past year, and I am extremely happy with the outcome. You have made me feel more confident about myself and my ability to sell printing." --Kathleen Henry Mitchell

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  "Jam-packed with powerful marketing secrets that you can implement tomorrow" --Jay Conrad Levinson

"This book is full of wonderful marketing lessons - 77 powerful and actionable ideas. This book stays on my desk"
--John Chancellor

"This book is all about DOING so that the sale gets made and the cash register sings." --Russ Emrick

"Sales-driven marketing has never been made so clear, concise and actionable"
--Mike Hilbert

"This book is one of your best investments if you are selling anything"
--Richard S. Gallagher

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  "Perlman gives clear concise steps on what to do to use your time on social media most effectively in order to drive business" --Amazon customer

"It's all about your "sweet spot", where the fish are and the tools to catch them"
--Nigel D. Alston

"Spot-on marketing advice for any business!" --Kay Schneider

"We have already made some of the recommended changes and almost instantly saw results" --M. Ash

"The best social media and digital marketing book you will ever read."
--David L. Brown

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  "I would buy a copy of this book and give it to everyone on my sales team before they started on day one!"
--Joseph Crisara

"Eureka! For many, THIS is the missing link in selling" --Deb Calvert

"The section on successful C-Suite prospecting alone is enough to justify owning this book" --Gary S. Hart

"You will win; your company will win; your customers will win and everyone in sales will benefit from your increased ability to sell like a professional" --Mike Weinberg

"Really delivers on their promise to help sellers become better sellers"
--Paul McCord

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  "A must-have resource for anyone involved in sales and business development." --Harvey Mackay

"I have been reading sales and prospecting books for 25 years, and this book is in the handful that I have ever recommended to other people that sell for a living" --Ric Lager

"A resource you're going to keep coming back to!" --Robert Terson

"Within minutes of picking up this book I was earmarking really cool sales intelligence tips" --Rob Dalton

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  "Incredibly powerful in its dissection of the critical path to success in sales! This book will revolutionize your thinking on sales…"
--Thomas Sudyk

"This is not your typical book on "selling strategies". This book is about employing a well structured approach to providing your customers with a credible, value-enhancing business relationship."
--Tom B. Highley

"…reads like a well thought out business plan for selling, including the tools and methodology for executing the plan. Dave Kahle uses a common sense approach and situational examples that are easy for any reader to comprehend. This is a worthwhile book for anyone responsible for generating revenue."
--Bruce Droge, Sr.

"Everyone is in sales in some form, and Dave Kahle blends theory and practice to provide a well organized primer on the science and art of selling that anyone can understand and put into action."
--Deirdre Jones

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  "The challenge in building a strong sales organization has always been in identifying and retaining the right talent. Hire Right, Higher Profits looks past the hype. It recognizes that success is about process, and involves more sweat than inspiration. This book offers a detailed and sound process that will deliver consistent results. If you have the determination to build a winning team, Hire Right Hire Profits is a great place to start." -- Howard Stevens

"The most insightful and most complete book on hiring the RIGHT salesperson I have ever seen (or read). If you need great salespeople, this book is not an option, it's an imperative!"
-- Jeffrey Gitomer

"We implemented this hiring and onboarding strategy in our business and it works! We made better decisions when hiring and prepared the new salespeople to sell effectively for us. As a result, we had one of our best sales years in our history. This book is a game changer!"
-- Susan Savage

"Executives spend countless hours coming up with new sales strategies, yet few invest the time to find the best people to execute them. In Hire Right, Higher Profits, Lee Salz presents an easy-to-implement program that helps you select the right salespeople and create the plan needed to get them up to speed in a snap." -- Jill Konrath

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  "I have been in sales for over 25 years. This is absolutely the best book I have ever read on cold calling - period."
-- Steve Bagley

"Smart Calling helped me to close one of 5 biggest deals in our office history and literally saved my job. It is a must read for any sales professional looking to improve their close ratio and appointments set using the phone." -- Michael Caruso

"I've used every excuse under the sun to avoid making prospecting calls. This book has changed my outlook, and in a very short time, I'm seeing drastic results."
-- Terry Parrett

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  "I just got an advance copy of your new book. I got more out of reading your first chapter than I've gotten out of 99.99% of all the sales books I've read. I predict it will be a classic." -- Geoffrey James, award-winning columnist and author of Business Without the Bullsh*t

"A crystal clear, concise how-to book that uncovers the hidden ‘yes’ behind every ‘no." -- Anthony Parinello, bestselling author of Selling to V.I.T.O.