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Beat the Blowoff!
Overcome Cold Calling Objections
"Get past "Knee-jerk" Objections and
Start a Meaningful Sales Conversation."

Stop being blown off in the first 10 seconds by initial reflex objections.

You've heard all these "knee-jerk" objections that
"I'm not interested"
"Just send your information"
"We're already taken care of"
"I'm too busy/don't have the time"
"We don't have the money/budget"

Join us and learn exactly how to overcome these reflex objections from Mike Brooks. Mike's fast-paced Webinar gives you ways to quickly get past opening objections to start a real sales presentation.

Time Well Spent...

This webinar is a quick and easy way for you to gain the new phone skills you need to make 2011 a great year.

You'll learn the secrets of the top performers. You'll learn exactly what to do when you get these objections – and learning this one technique alone will greatly increase your sales performance.

Join Us on Wednesday, December 15th, at 9am PDT/Noon Eastern for this 40 minute webinar, and you will never again be afraid to pick up the phone and face this kind of rejection.

Note: You will receive five proven phone scripts that grab buyer interest and make your job a lot easier.

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  Webinar: Overcome Cold Calling Objections
Date: Wednesday, Dec. 15th
Time: 9am PDT/Noon Eastern
Presenter: Mike Brooks
Cost: Free
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You won't want to miss this value packed webinar. You will get five word for word scripts that will enable you to move past reflex objections and earn the right to speak with your prospects and clients.

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Wednesday, December 15th, at 9am PDT/Noon Eastern
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