A Sales Book Interesting Enough to Bring to the Beach With You!
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Get "take it to the bank" sales advice.
Reach the Buyer. 6 Easy ways to get the name of the decision maker.

Words to use and words to avoid.

Make the Connection. How to leave voice mail messages that will have hard-to-reach prospects calling you back.

Use Email That Works. 10 Hot tips for reaching decision makers via email.
  The Secrets of Engaging Follow Ups. Exactly what to say when calling to follow-up.

Multiply Your Success. How to leverage one appointment into many.

Turn Inquiries into Orders. Words, phrases, and questions for immediately engaging prospects who call you.

Get the Business. 3 questions to use to replace the buyer's existing vendor.
  Ask the Question. 15 questions to ask to close the deal.

Breeze by Objections. You get 3 full chapters of real-world instruction on answering objections.

Go beyond the numbers game. Smiling and dialing doesn't work. Forget it.

Grab and hold your prospects' attention.

Build rapport and respect with prospects.
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