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I have been buying your sales training CD's for the past 3 years WOW! Just a few of the tips have really made a huge difference in my sales and our entire Eastern division sales.

What a great value as well. Just $19.95 per month keeps me on top of my game and in the know regarding any new sales ideas and topics!

THANKS so much for being such an awesome provider of incredible value.

– James P. Silverman, Vienna Beef

Thanks for making it so easy to train my team. I am excited at bringing affordable and effective training to my team who like many other teams, have precious little time to waste.

– Peter J. Smith, SolSource Logistics

I wanted to let you know how much our team has enjoyed your programs. Not only are they always current with what we are focusing on, but I have found them to be a great reinforcement to our "company" training programs. It's always more powerful when the sales force receives supportive training information from outside sources. Both the sales training and the sales management courses have proven to be effective for our group. In today's environment, training is everything. Keep up the great work!

– Gary Hibert Dominion Parenting Media


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Take a Lesson From World-Class Athletes

Top athletes, including Olympic Gold Metal winners, have something in common with top performing sales pros. They train. They have trainers.

Like winning athletes, top performing sales producers know that the secret to sales success is an ongoing learning process.

Sure, you can learn a lot by reading a book or attending a seminar. But, if you're like most salespeople, you don't always have the opportunity or time. That's where the Sales Training CD of the Month comes in. Each month, you'll get fresh ideas and new money-making insights from America's leading sales growth experts. You'll stay sharp, confident and motivated.

You'll become mentally strong and confident because consistent training is the key to reaching your sales goals.

It won't take long. You'll soon see what a difference the Sales Training CD of the Month makes! After implementing just a few ideas you'll start opening more doors and closing more deals.

World Renowned Trainers:

Imagine an expert sales trainer visiting you each month with proven high-powered advice to accelerate your career.

With the Sales Training CD of the Month program, that's exactly what you'll get!

The experts conducting these programs are world-renowned sales trainers. They are highly sought after, and typically command one day speaking fees starting at $6,500. The following are just some of the experts that you'll learn from: Jill Konrath, Alan Rigg, Tim Wackel, Jim Meisenheimer, Jim Domanksi, Gil Cargill, Kevin Davis, Kelley Robertson, Steve Waterhouse, The Whetsone Group, and more.

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Listen Your Way to Sales Success!

The Sales Training CD of The Month program will teach you how to sell more, in less time, and at greater margins. The convenient CD format accommodates your busy schedule and limited budget.

  • Listen on your way to work, driving to an appointment, or even while you workout!
  • Avoid travel to hit or miss sales seminars
  • Develop your personal sales skills to increase your value
  • Train a team on a small budget
  • Coach individual reps
  • Build your own affordable sales resource library

Your Time, Your Schedule

Our CD of the Month program allows you to listen to the sales training on your schedule. The training can be integrated into your work flow. No downtime. Here's just some of what you'll get:

  • Taking Control of The Sales Call – Understand how to take charge of a call while putting the prospect at ease. In addition, you'll discover how to avoid being an unpaid consultant, and avoid having the prospect tell you, "I need to think it over."
  • 12 Best Questions to Ask Your Customers – Learn 4 ways to listen better, get your prospect's to open up, and uncover additional sales opportunities.
  • Email Prospecting Blunders – Learn trigger phrases that get your emails opened and read. You'll also learn ethical techniques to get your prospect's email address.
  • Overcoming Lower Priced Competition – Know how to face a competitor's price cuts, and to determine your own competitive edge. You'll also discover the 3 rules for talking price.
  • Fatal Negotiating Mistakes – Learn 3 ways to respond to discount demands, a negotiator's best weapon, and 14 powerful and insightful questions.
  • Creating Urgency – You will learn how to align your unique value to your customer's agenda and their reason for buying.
  • Uncovering Your Prospect's Pain – Discover the sequence and questions you need to ask to uncover what motivates your prospect to buy.
  • Time and Territory Management – Take a time analysis quiz to better help you establish goals, and organize your activities to achieve those goals.
  • Coffee is for Closers – Learn how to gain agreement while avoiding the typical resistance or discomfort when asking for the sale.
  • Selling Starts with Emotion – Learn how to engage your prospects through your prospecting messages and proposals. You'll also uncover how to get your prospect to quantify their business problems.
  • Overcoming Top 5 Objections – Discover why you receive certain objections, and a 3 step process to handle the objection.
  • and many more...
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