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Your time is valuable. The training gets right to the point. What you will learn in six fast paced one-hour sessions is based on actual experience and success. It is used by the sales teams at many Fortune 500 companies.
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Training Details and Curriculum

Schedule: The first module will be given on April 13, 2010 at 2 PM (Eastern) with a new module presented every Tuesday thereafter for the next five Tuesdays. All presentations will begin at 2 pm (Eastern). Please Note: If you are unable to attend a session you will automatically be sent a link to the recorded webinar.

Format: Six live, one-hour, interactive webinars with course workbook.

Presenter's Bio: Wendy Weiss is recognized as one of the leading authorities on lead generation, cold calling and new business and sales revenue development. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Avon Products, ADP, Sprint and thousands of smaller companies and entrepreneurs.

Cold Calling College Live 2.0 Administrator: Marlene Vogele: Email: [email protected] Phone: 866-405-8212.

For Special Team Rates: Contact Marlene Vogele: Email: [email protected] Phone: 866-405-8212


Cold Calling College Live 2.0
New 2010 Curriculum Outline

Module I: Finding your Ideal Prospects, the ones most likely to buy. You will learn how to:

Turn the cold call into the introductory call, (your prospects will welcome the difference)
Identify real buyers
Create your Ideal Customer Profile
Develop your Qualifying Checklist
Stop desperately chasing after prospects
Stop wasting your time with prospects who will never buy from you
Avoid the low-hanging fruit syndrome
Identify and deal with Red Flags that will torpedo your sale
Discover why your prospects need you
Shorten your sales cycle
Avoid the biggest mistake that most of your competition is making
Make changes that can double your closing ratio

Module II: Getting Past the Palace Guard/Gatekeepers, Voice Mail and E-mail. You will learn:

To put a name on the real decision-maker
To gain access to the real decision-maker
To stop wasting your time with people who cannot make a decision and who will only stall or stop your sale
Exactly what to say to the "Palace Guard," the secretaries, assistants and receptionists, to get them to put your call through to that decision-maker
The single most powerful technique you can use to eliminate screening!
The best times to make your calls
12 strategies to bypass voice mail altogether
How to handle voice mail so that it becomes a secret weapon
To leave voice mail messages that get calls returned
The Voice Mail Formula
To use e-mail strategically
10 e-mail strategies to reach decision-makers and get them to respond
The long lost, all but forgotten door-opening strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd
To get decision-makers to qualify themselves
To reach prospects that others cannot

Module III: When They Say "Hello," What Will You Say? You will learn:

To create an introduction, not a sales pitch
To craft an approach that separates you from the crowd and makes your prospect want to speak with you
The Script Formula, a modular system that you can use and adapt to any prospect or situation
The #1 mistake that will keep you from getting in the door
To have productive selling conversations with your prospects
The Appointment-Setting Mantra that will get your prospect to commit to a meeting
To control your conversations with your prospects
To ensure that you are speaking only with highly qualified prospects
To nail the appointment
To gain your prospect's agreement to the next step
To significantly shorten your sales cycle

Module IV: Answering Objections. You will learn:

To neutralize and overcome any objection
The three-step method of handling objections
The power of reframing
To uncover your prospect's hidden objections, the ones that can destroy any hope you have of closing
To pre-empt objections before they happen
To easily handle pricing objections
Exactly what to say if your prospect says, "That's too expensive" or "We don't have the budget"
To eliminate the fear of asking for the appointment or asking for the order
When to stop talking

Module V: Presentation skills, discovery, rapport-building and closing. (You can use these skills over the telephone or face-to-face with prospects.) You will learn:

It's not what you say; it's how you say it
The secrets of building rapport on the telephone
To "hook" your prospect to begin your conversation
To get your prospect to hear your message
Some tricks to ensure your prospect will never interrupt you!
How to hear what your prospect is really saying (or not saying)
To discover what your prospect is really thinking
To ask the Tough Questions
To uncover what your prospect really wants
To hear your prospect's buying signals loud and clear
When and how to close
The Instant Sale - how to close before you even deliver your presentation
To allow your prospect to close for you
The world's easiest close

Module VI: Becoming confident, staying motivated, and keeping accountable.
You will learn:

To hear more "yeses" and less "no's"
The most important action that you can start taking today to Double Your Income
in 90 days
Become supremely confident and comfortable selling by phone
Why your Beliefs will always determine your results
What your potential really is and why you are not living up to it
To sound and act confident, even if you're quaking inside
Why you haven't reached your goals, and what you can do to make sure you do
To become the top producer you've always dreamed of being

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