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Kendra Lee

Before founding KLA Group, Kendra sold for Fortune 500 companies in the highly competitive computer industry She managed sales teams that consistently ranked in the top 1-2% of their worldwide sales forces closing over 95% of all qualified prospects. Kendra's extensive and very successful sales background makes her uniquely qualified to help both organizations and individuals take their selling to new levels..


"Thanks for opening my eyes to what a great prospecting email should be!! Thanks again for the fantastic webinar!"
– T.O.

"I used your suggestions to touch base with a client I haven't been able to get to respond. Lo and behold, I got a response the day after I sent an email! Hooray, and thank you again."
– K.J.

"Take a look at this! This lady is great at crafting emails. I used her ideas to send one to a CMO, and got a response in 30 seconds."
– J.L.

"The information you provided in the Email PowerProspecting session was incredible! It's easy to understand and best of all – works! Plus, your voice is a pleasure to listen to."
– K.O.

Email is the number one tool for sales growth today. It now surpasses the phone according to a survey of sellers we work with. It's fast, saves time and is very inexpensive. However, it is simply not very effective...unless you know the secrets. Do it right and your sales increase, do it wrong and it's a disappointing waste of time. With Email Power Prospecting, you'll learn precisely what works and what doesn't.

You Only Have a Few Seconds!!!

Email is much easier to delete than a voicemail message because you don't have to skim it to make a decision. However, it takes just 3 seconds for your email message to disappear forever! Your prospect will read the subject line, who it's from and SPLAT it's deleted. Why? Because you didn't catch their attention during those precious few seconds.

No Need for Gimmicks or Tricks

So how do you get contacts to open and read your prospecting emails? Kendra Lee's one hour audio seminar will quickly show you exactly how. Kendra is an award-winning business author and a leading expert on prospect attraction. You'll get her proven email techniques 100% guaranteed to work in any industry or market without using gimmicks and tricks.

  Here's what you'll learn:
  • How to write an email that will get read
  • What never to say
  • Enticing subject lines that say "open me!"
  • Lead-generating salutations and signatures
  • How to add your personal style to build instant rapport
  • Sample emails proven to work
  • Follow-up strategies that grab attention without hounding
  • Gain confidence in sending "cold" emails
  • and more
  Here's what you get:
  • 60-minute audio program (MP3 format)
  • 19-page workbook with sample emails (PDF)
  • Bonus chapter on emailing from Kendra's award-winning sales book
  • Quick read bonus articles full of tips you can put to work right away to increase your sales

More Hot Prospects.
More Sales. More Revenue.

Concise and to the point, this information is pure gold! Just one idea applied can put hundreds of dollars in your pocket! You'll gain an important edge over that will bring in more sales and accelerate your career.

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