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"It's like reading the best ideas from 50 sales books all in one book. It's awesome!”
Michelle Nichols, Savvy Selling International
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Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales

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Lori Richardson, Score More Sales

Here's What You'll Learn From These Profit-Building Books:
  • How to grab your prospect's interest in 15 seconds or less.
  • 12 sure-fire ways to beat the price objection.
  • 3 ways to remove buyer's fears and close the deal.
  • How to create a successful cold-calling script.
  • Ten tips for creating persuasive presentations.
  • How to guarantee a close with confidence.
  • How to ask a customer about the competition.
  • Cash in with more referrals and attract new buyers.
  • Tap into your true (and virtually unlimited) personal potential.
  • Shorten your sales cycle in 3 quick steps.

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